FIFA franchise has been localized into 18 languages and available in 51 countries, making it one of the best-selling video game franchises. FIFA 12 holds the record for the “fastest selling sports game ever” with over 3.3 million games sold and over $186 million generated at retail in its first week of release.

Last year EA has launched FIFA 14 which was quite impressive and now it has officially announced FIFA 15, claiming it is one of the best, of FIFA series in graphical and emotion aspects.

FIFA 15 has been announced for this platform PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS video game consoles and Microsoft Windows. This time FIFA 15 also comes for PC with Ignite engine and boast the same features as for PS4 and Xbox One.

FIFA 15 is considered to be one of the finest FIFA series as per now as it has some eye catching features for FIFA lovers.



The FIFA Ultimate Team Mode also known as FUT comes for Xbox One & Xbox 360. This includes a new feature of Legends: where players can acquire classic players from different eras of football. FUT seasons have been extended from 5 divisions to 10. You will also be allowed to carry over coins from one platform to other.

Another Feature reintroduced is “single online match”, where all die hard fans of FIFA are allowed to play a single match that does not contribute to tournaments or seasons. Players can now also search for signings by name on the transfer market from the squad screen.

FIFA 15 Emotional Intelligence

FIFA 15 has over 600 new emotional reactions. EA took a lot of pain to inculcate the emotions with each player. Each player will react dynamically as the game flows, as suppose two strikers are tackling the ball then they both will be in aggressive mode pointing fingers to each other. Similarly each player will act according to the game mode.

Dexterity & Control:

This time EA offer players with improved balance during tough actions, cuts and closer touches when in possession, which provides improved responsiveness and personality to the game’s superstars.

More Realism:

FIFA 15 crowd will be more realistic and region specific as it will also act according to the match mode. You will also notice footprints and skid marks which are not random but they are maintained through out the match. Even grass debris is clearly visible.

FIFA 15 Engine:

FIFA 15 comes with same ignite engine which as in FIFA 14. This includes tremendous features which includes graphics and human intelligence to make players react more like the real football match players and various other features were included as true player motion and dynamic environment.

Check out Complete features of FIFA 15 Release Date:

As FIFA 15 was the most awaited game of EA series and now EA has officially announced FIFA 15 and also announced the date for release of Game which is 23 September 2014 in North America and 25 September 2014 in Europe. EA will release FIFA 15 in different countries at different dates, but by early October it most probably be available all over the world. You can find your country FIFA 15 release date here.

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Mounts is important feature in every game, and that is the main reason why Carbine team has put a lot of effort to make this form of transportation fan and unique. WildStar will provide mounts (speeders) in a form of creatures and vehicles, which can be categorized as ground and flying mounts. Some WildStar mounts will be introduced early in the game, through quests or like a temporary mounts, but, when you reach higher levels, there will be permanent mounts with different abilities. Since the cost of the first mount is 10 gold, our suggestion is to start saving your money on time.

wildstar mount  

Mounts bought from mount vendors can’t be customized, but, you can buy mounts and customization items from various vendors in the city – renown vendor, reputation vendor; along with modifications for hoverboards and other mounts. Mount price depends on reputation level you have achieved with your faction. The higher reputation level, the lower price will be.

Mount customization are items you can attach to your mount, and change its appearance. There are 4 spots on which you can attach customization items: Front, Rear, Left and Right Flair. After buying mount customization item you have to use it from your inventory and then tag it inside your mount customization window. Mounts customization window can be accessed from the Character Screen Window (by pressing key button “P”), under Mount tab.

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The class you choose on MapleStory mesos determines, to some degree, your play’s speed, quality and enjoyment level. Largely subjective however, which class you pick depends primarily on your gaming abilities and preferences. Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding between Maple Story’s Warrior, Bowman, Magician and Thief classes.

Understand that which class is best is a matter of personal taste. You must weigh your gaming skills and which MapleStory mesos activities you enjoy most to make a good decision. Become a Warrior if your prefer melee fighting to range attacks. Warriors have more armor and health points than other classes, can use either one or two-handed weapons and have access to five weapon types. Warriors, however, cannot launch range attacks, are slow and have relatively poor accuracy.

Become a thief if you enjoy very fast play and the option to choose between melee and range attacks. Besides looking cool, thieves have high accuracy, high avoidability. On the flip side, thieves have lower health points than warriors and require expensive equipment.

Choose the Magician, or Mage, class for high Mana points, the ability to fight at range using spells, fast leveling and good mobility. Magicians have the lowest health points, however, and their potions and other gear are very expensive.

Opt for the Bowman, or Archer, class if your prefer range attacks. Bowmen’s arrows are generally inexpensive, their maximum damage is very high and they have relatively high accuracy. On the other hand, it is often difficult for bowmen to find necessary equipment and their damage is the most unstable of the classes as they have no minimum damage level.

Tips & Warnings
1.A bowman must avoid getting close to enemies, as their melee skills are very poor. To survive such a situation, bowmen must switch from arrows to a close range weapon.
2.A class’s power varies from level to level. Warriors, for example, are the most powerful beginners, but Mages dominate levels 10 through 20.
3.Magicians often live longer than other classes since they can essentially substitute health points for Mana points after obtaining maximum Magic Guard.
4.Within each class are subclasses, with more specified skills and limitations. The Bowman class, for example, consists of swordsmen, pages, fighters and spearmen.

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